The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (the Coalition) believes that children need to be made a higher priority in the international response to HIV and AIDS. We bring funders and technical experts together to advocate for the best policy, research, and programs for children, who are too often overlooked in the response to the epidemic.

Despite enormous strides made in the fight against HIV and AIDS globally, there is a significant variance between adults and children in the treatment response, with children lagging far behind. The psychosocial care and support needs of children born into HIV-affected families are staggering, and yet they are too often forgotten in the urgent push for scaled up treatment and prevention, or in addressing the needs of adults. As arguably the most vulnerable population, unable to advocate on their own behalf, children have not received enough attention, research, and resources.

To that end, the Coalition strives for:

  • A greater priority given to children and adolescents infected with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS — including care, support and protection needs — in the context of the broader development response
  • Zero new child deaths from HIV
  • Zero new infections of newborns, young children, adolescents or their careers
  • Treatment and support for adherence for all infants, young children, adolescents and their carers infected by HIV
  • An end to stigma and discrimination that keeps children and adolescents affected by HIV, as well as their carers, from accessing treatment and support services
  • An increased effort to deliver tailored approaches to achieve equity for all children and families
  • A greater prioritization among funders of evidence-based, scalable treatment and support programs
  • A greater uptake of rigorous research, evaluation and monitoring activities among child-focused HIV-sensitive programs