Areas of Focus

Though traditional policies, funding and programming designed to combat HIV and AIDS have resulted in great progress, these mechanisms too often miss or even exclude many of the most vulnerable. With the epidemic still negatively affecting vast numbers of children, adolescents and families, how do we ensure that reach those most in need?

Over the past decade, the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (the Coalition) has assessed the epidemic through an equity-focused lens, driving new evidence, ideas, and approaches in several critical areas:

  • Programming focusing on early childhood: integrated interventions that support young children born into HIV-affected families
  • Community action and mobilization to create demand and to ensure targets are met in clinic-based programming, including PMTCT services
  • HIV-sensitive social protection programs that benefit all children and families
  • Family sensitive care and support
  • Issues affecting children of key HIV-affected populations (sex workers, transgender people, people who use drugs, gay men and other men who have sex with men)

The Coalition has helped to facilitate a dialogue among service providers, donors, researchers, advocates and policy leaders to explore evidence and promising programs, surface challenges and identify the children who most need our support. Most importantly, we have sought to lay out an action and advocacy agenda that ensures no children are left behind in efforts to end the epidemic.