Integrated Interventions for Children Born into HIV-affected Families

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (the Coalition) seeks new multi-sectoral approaches focusing on early childhood development to:

  • Ensure that programs preventing mother-to-child-transmission are linking mother and child pairs with early years support; following up to ensure healthy pregnancies and fetal development; and reducing loss to follow-up
  • Ensure that pediatric antiretroviral treatment programs are connecting with a range of interventions that can enrich the support children receive (e.g. community-based early learning, care and support programs)
  • Support models for early childhood development, health and nutrition within communities affected by HIV and AIDS. In so doing, we will better identify HIV exposed children and link them to testing and treatment

The Coalition calls for the following priority actions to help all children get the best start in life:

  • Demanding and supporting partnerships between local health systems and community-based care and early child development programs┬áto reach the youngest children, especially those under three
  • Integrating early childhood interventions into Global Fund applications, including specific targets for reaching the most marginalized populations
  • Creating policies and budgets for national plans that support early integrated intervention
  • Positioning early childhood development at the heart of the sustainable development agenda

To learn more, read this special issue of the journal AIDS, in which several Coalition members provide input.