Reaching All Children

Despite the enormous strides made with respect to global efforts to fight HIV and AIDS, there remain undeniable and shocking gaps between what is needed and that which is provided for children and families. In addition, there is a significant variance between adults and children in the treatment response. With only 30% of children on treatment, it is clear that we still have a lot of work to do in order to defeat the epidemic.

Too many children have traditionally been left behind by large-scale responses. How, then, do we reach all children?

With respect to interventions for children affected by HIV — and in the context of the broader development response — the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS calls for:

  • Greater access (e.g. getting into prevention, treatment or care) for those children and families whose lack of access has serious or dire consequences
  • Better outcomes (e.g. coverage or quality of prevention, treatment or care services) for all children and families in need, including the most vulnerable
  • The inclusion and consideration of children within the context of the international development agenda