Social Protection

To date, there have been limited the results for children in the context of the HIV and AIDS response. Social protection is about broadening that focus, creating a stronger safety net, and encouraging countries to take responsibility for protecting the most vulnerable population.

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS believes that:

  • Government-led support and services must reach all children — including but not limited to those who have lost parents — in resource-poor communities affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Policies and programs supporting children must build on the strength of extended families and communities
  • Family poverty and gender inequality must be tackled to improve outcomes for children affected by HIV and AIDS

Governments and other partners will be able to deliver better outcomes for children by:

  • Supporting children through families
  • Strengthening community action that backstops families
  • Addressing family poverty through national social protection
  • Delivering integrated, family-centered services to meet children’s needs

To learn more, read Home Truths: Facing Facts on Children, AIDS and Poverty.