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Important: The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS:

  • does not provide funding;
  • does not refer individuals, organizations or projects to funders (funder-members each have their own guidelines, available on their websites);
  • does not partner with, sponsor or endorse local projects;
  • does not refer individuals to scholarships to attend conferences;
  • does not operate a list-serve or send out a newsletter. If your primary interest is receiving information about early child development and HIV/AIDS, then you are best to sign up for the Better Care Network’s newsletter (

The Coalition works, in part, because we are small and nimble. All technical expert members are on the Coalition for historical reasons or because they represent a broader network of organizations. Our membership is by invitation only an we are not currently expanding it.

To contact John Miller, Coalition Director, please write to him:


john.miller AT

Snail-mail: The Coalition Secretariat

400 Wellesley Street East
Toronto, ON  M4X 1H6