Policy & Advocacy

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (the Coalition) undertakes projects to promote international policy and evidence-based programs in the service of scaling up the most effective programs and, most importantly, improving the lives of children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

In conjunction with 10 other expert organizations, the Coalition recently completed a two year project to define the specific issues and challenges experienced by children of key affected populations. To summarize our findings and outline key action items, we produced the Making Children of Key Populations a Priority for Equitable Development brief.

The Coalition urged the UN country delegations to ensure that five critical gaps regarding children & adolescents & their families are covered in the 2016 High-Level Meeting’s Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS and the Political Declarations on HIV and AIDS. Read our statement, The 2016 HLM on HIV’s Political Declaration: What we need to see on PMTCT, Paediatrics, Children & Adolescents.

Time to Step Up: co-authored by the Coalition and the Regional Inter Agency Task Team on Children & AIDS for Eastern and Southern Africa, is a call to action, outlining the urgent steps needed to prioritize children affected by HIV and AIDS in the post-2015 development agenda.